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  • ray80 04/20/11 8:20 pm PST

    From what you have said it would seem likely the connection to speed sensor on last wheel done may be bad. In reality it could be connection to any of the wheels, or corroded/broken wire. With these the C305 connector may also be an issue (google it).

    For the DRL's They use the high beams on low power, do the high beams work at night or are they both out?

  • azteck01 04/21/11 9:14 am PST

    All of my lights work at night, but I do not have anymore fog lights at all. But say its like raining out or just a cloudy day usually they would have turned on because its some what dark outside, but not anymore..I got my oil changed and thats when I figured it out. That was back in November also.


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