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  • subearu 06/30/08 11:05 pm PST

    Press ODO/TRIP to show the odometer and trip odometer, then again press the ODO/TRIP button to show the trip odometer and then OIL LIFE display. Hold the ODO/TRIP button for 2 seconds or more, the display should go to OIL LIFE 100%.


  • poorsoul9 07/01/08 10:47 am PST

    Thanks for responding Brian.

    Already tried that. It only works on models with no 'message centre,' and, you guessed it, mine has a 'message centre.'

    Any other suggestions?


  • subearu 07/01/08 5:26 pm PST

    that was from http://www.fordtaurus.net/tech/reset-oi
    and they don't list another method.

    However, the 2006 owners manual (which you can download from that site) lists a procedure to reset the oil life % via the message center on page 82 of the PDF.

    To reset the oil life to 100% with system warnings CHANGE OIL SOON/OIL CHANGE REQUIRED displayed:
    1. Select this function from the SETUP control for current display mode.
    2. Press and release the RESET control to display “IF NEW OIL HOLD RESET”.
    3. Press and hold the RESET control to display OIL LIFE SET TO 100%. Your oil life is now reset.

    To set the oil life to 100% without system warnings displayed:

    Press SETUP to display “PRESS RESET FOR SYS CHECK”.

    1. Press RESET to start the System Check which will display “OIL LIFE XX% RESET IF NEW”.
    2. Press and hold the RESET until “IF NEW OIL HOLD RESET” is displayed, then release.
    3. Press and hold RESET control again until OIL LIFE SET TO 100% is displayed. Your oil life is now reset.



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