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  • tony78 10/14/09 11:01 pm PST

    Here are a few areas of possible water entry,,
    Door seals, water is flowing down door seals and seeping into car.
    Window seals, same as door seals.
    Side mirror, water leaking past seal, weeping down side of door panel onto floor.
    Fresh air vent seal on duct door inside hood cowl is allowing water to enter and accumulate and drip on floor.
    Do you have a sunroof ? Sunroof seal or drain tube leaking.

  • Stever@Edmunds 10/14/09 11:25 pm PST

    Take a look at the Interior Water Leaks Part 1 Testing for Leaks CarSpace Guide for help too.

  • joecruise 11/06/09 11:24 pm PST

    Sometimes if the seal on bottom of windshield is loose ,heavy rain can get under it and if fresh air vent is below it will pour straight inside.look through slotted area of wipers to see where vent is and check seal above it.


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