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  • MrShift@Edmunds 01/14/08 1:19 pm PST

    You might want to plug your info into our Maintenance tool at Edmunds. Lots of good info here!


  • ewilfong 01/14/08 1:55 pm PST

    Edmunds lists 60,000 miles as the point to replace your spark plugs. I can't find official mileage listed for your timing belt anywhere, but that doesn't mean you should ignore it. 60,000 miles used to be the standard answer for any car, but I know they generally last longer these days. I saw one unoffical discussion that recommended 90,000 miles, but I don't know their source. Because the belt itself is so inexpensive, I'd say if you have any work done where the timing belt must be exposed anyway (like water pump replacement), just replace it then regardless of mileage. If not, I wouldn't feel comfortable going any more than 100,000 miles as timing belts can break without warning and leave you stranded.

  • mrudberg 01/14/08 6:34 pm PST

    It is best to change your timing belt every 90000 miles and the spark plugs every 60000.

  • konel 01/18/08 12:50 pm PST

    I have the same camry with a 4 cyl and I just had the timing belt changed.The dealer and manufacturer says every 60,000 mile for this particular car.My dealer charged $186.00 to replace the timing belt plus for an additional 20 bucks they changed all of the other belts as well.As for the plugs I asked about those as well and was told unless the car is running bad or getting poor milage I didn't need to mess with them.


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