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  • morin2 12/12/12 10:24 pm PST

    I check all the tires in my fleet every weekend with a manual guage. Adjust air pressure to the psi specified on the door post as needed. Its also a good idea to check the spare once in a while. A few manufacturers even put the valve stem where you can reach it without removing the spare.

  • mcdawgg 12/13/12 8:12 am PST

    Rememeber an important rule - for every 10 degree F temperature drop, your air pressure drops by 1 PSI. In other words, if it is 50 degrees in your garage when you check your tires, but it is 20 degrees outside, you should inflate your tires 3 more pounds higher than what the spec is. And check the tires after your car has not been driven for 3 hours or more. I check mine at least ever other week. In the fall, since the temperatures are decreasing, it is even more critical to check your tires. It is not miles, but time as far as when to check.


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