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  • 604doc 08/02/11 6:39 pm PST

    Did you clean the rotors off? They have a protective spray on them to keep them from rusting until they're installed. That could cause the grabbing.

    Also, did you measure the new rotors and compare them to the old ones? Are they possibly too big, and rubbing somewhere?

    I know some people have gotten Jeep Grand Cherokee parts instead of Cherokee parts by mistake.

  • b2200 11/19/13 7:59 pm PST

    Providing you have installed the pads correctly, most likely that greasy film or coating that you possibly did not wash off the rotors. If all of this was done, was all caliper hardware all correctly installed?

    Hate to ask a queston that may sound funny, but were the pads installed correctly with the pad area rubbing on the rotors. I'm not kidding when I say I had a customer come in with a similar complaint and one pad was put in backwards, thus a metal to metal contact on the rotor.


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