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  • karjunkie 02/02/09 8:29 am PST

    The black air filter box is on the driver's side of the engine with a large black tube that runs out of it. There are four snaps on the side of it that you unsnap with your fingers or use a screwdriver to help you. Lift the top and the air filter element just lifts right out. Place the new filter in exactly how the old one was inserted and replace the top and reattach the snaps. That's it! Good luck!

  • Stever@Edmunds 02/02/09 2:06 pm PST

    It's funny, but the owner's manual just talks about the oil filter and the cabin dust and pollen filter.

    The Edmunds Maintenance Guide says to change the air filter every 30,000 miles.

    I don't see any TSBs "correcting" the owner's manual so maybe Honda doesn't expect you to replace the air filter on the Civic Hybrid?

    I'd contact HondaUSA and ask for clarification.

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