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  • nh_dealer 11/29/11 3:01 pm PST

    Quoted from source:
    "Check your hoses, and check your heater core.
    The heater core is under the dash. Have you
    smelled a coolant odor in your cabin ever?
    there is a valve under your van that regulates
    the rear heat. this is a common problem.
    Inspect the 2 vacuum lines that run from the
    fire wall down to the valve. Lots of times they
    will rot and cause the valve to stay closed.
    you have 2 heater cores the second behind
    driver seat on wall behind plastic panels my
    friends just went bad. he had no heat wet
    carpet he said under 1 hour to have it fixed. (sic)"

    Source: http://www.astrosafari.com/viewtopic.ph


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