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  • tony78 08/29/08 9:30 pm PST

    So what the salesman was saying is that if your honey was in the car and you were " parking " with the a/c system on,,then you had better roll down the windows to release all that pent up heat ?

    Because " That is what they do " ?

    It sounds to me that the salesman is the one who is blowing all the hot air.

    Every car i ever had, when you flipped the a/c on it worked when you stopped,,accelerated and cruised.

  • canddmeyer 08/30/08 4:49 am PST

    Some vehicles, especially when it's very hot outside, will blow air that is warmer when the vehicle is stopped or in heavy stop and go traffic. This is because there is decreased airflow into the radiator area due to lack of vehicle movement. Once the vehicle moves again the aircon blows cooler because the airflow has increased over the condenser and radiator.

    Still, I'd avoid the vehicle if your first impression is negative. There may other issues with the vehicle that haven't appeared, so just test drive a different Aveo and see if it's the same.


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