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  • karjunkie 11/26/08 7:32 am PST

    If the airbag light came on and your cruise control does not work there is a real good chance that the clockspring is bad. This is the gizmo behind the air bag that also would affect the cruise control. It is called a clock spring because it winds around in a circle like the mainspring in an a wind up watch. To replace it, do the following:

    Disconnect the negative battery cable and keep the cable from touching the terminal during the entire clockspring replacement process. Allow the capacitor to discharge for at least five minutes before continuing with the repair of your Dodge Intrepid.

    Ensure that the wheels of your Dodge Intrepid point straight ahead and pull the steering column to its most extended adjustable position. Remove the two screw covers from the back of the steering wheel and take out the screws holding the airbag in place.

    Pull the airbag just far enough rearward to expose the two connections to the airbag and one to the horn. Very carefully separate the connections to remove the airbag from your Dodge Intrepid.

    Undo the bolt holding the steering wheel onto the steering column and slide the steering wheel off. Locate the clockspring mechanism and unscrew the three screws holding it in place on your Dodge Intrepid.

    Lift the clockspring straight up in order to remove it and replace it with a new part. Push the clockspring straight down and replace the screws to hold the clockspring in place.

    Align the steering wheel on the steering column and hold it in place with a new bolt. Reattach the airbag and replace the negative battery cable to the battery terminal of your Dodge Intrepid.


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