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  • MrShift@Edmunds 11/19/11 10:58 pm PST

    That's house insulation most likely...I've never seen it used in air filters or cabin filters. There is a similar material, usually white or brown, sometimes used in hood insulation however, but never pink. That's typical wall insulation.

  • morin2 11/19/11 11:44 pm PST

    Is this car parked for long periods of time? Mice will move in pretty quickly this time of year, and they look to insulate their nests. They are crepuscular - that is, most active during dawn and dusk, so if your car is parked at those times, mice would be suspects. Squirrels are active all day and will also climb under the hood for warmth. If you're good with small animal tracks, you can sometimes identify the critter by the tracks they leave behind on dusty engine covers. The pink insulation was probably found nearby and carried under your hood. Keep an eye on this - sometimes these critters will gnaw the plastic insulation off your wiring, among other things.


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