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  • morin2 11/24/09 8:05 pm PST

    The fan will run until the temp has cooled. Many cars do this. It sounds normal - unless you think that it has gotten louder.

  • zaken1 11/24/09 8:14 pm PST

    It is normal on many late model cars for the electric fan that cools the radiator to keep running for a few minutes after the car turns off. The fan is designed to do this in order to prevent the engine heat from rising to the top of the radiator, which could potentially cause cooling system or engine problems. The 5 to 10 minutes you mention is a very typical time interval. If the car did not used to do this; the only thing I would check is whether the cooling system is still full of fluid, and whether the temperature gauge reads higher under normal driving than it used to do. It is important to check the coolant level in BOTH the reservoir and also directly in the radiator. If a leak has developed; the level could drop in the radiator, while the reservoir remains full.


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