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  • karjunkie 05/19/10 2:02 pm PST

    The low rating is on the cooling system ( radiator,etc.) and not the coolant. Problems could just be minor such as leaks in the hoses or stuck thermostats. I do know the system uses a special antifreeze that is not supposed to be mixed with regular antifreeze and doing so mistakenly will cause corrosion problems with the radiator and other bits and pieces.

  • morin2 05/25/10 4:08 am PST

    The cooling system for the Mini Cooper S got an average (hollow circle) for 2007. It was much worse than average for 04-06 and better than average for 08. The regular non-turbo engine cooling is also rated much worse than average for 04-07. You will find many more Mini owners in the Mini specific forums and you might find more detailed answers there.


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