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  • tallman1 03/27/08 2:35 pm PST

    I've had problems with this in some vehicles I've owned in the past. Sometimes it is the pump itself. Do you always go to the same place, same pump. You might try changing if that is the case.

    The angle can be a problem so you may want to reposition the nozzle. That worked for me in one case. I held the nozzle in place and adjusted it slightly to get an angle where the pump didn't shut off.

  • nolefan3 03/27/08 2:37 pm PST

    I think some vehicles have a filter screen before the tank i wonder if this is maybe clogged. try a bottle of fuel system cleaner just before you fill up next time- i really dont know how well these work. some fuel companies put more cleaner in thier gasolines than others so try shell or chevron (they may be more expensive- I know) but after a few fillups if it doesnt get better along with the fuel system cleaner then maybe something more solid is blocking it. well i hope this helps!

  • tedebear 03/27/08 5:50 pm PST

    My old car (not a T&C - but maybe the same concept) took a long time to fill up after it was a few years old. I was told that there is a rubber flap at the end of the filler tube to prevent gas from spilling out in the event of a rollover. The rubber deteriorates over time and can cause a partial blockage when filling the tank.

    In my case I just dealt with it for a few years and it finally "fixed" itself. I don't know if the flap broke off or what but it didn't cause any further fuel delivery problems and I didn't pull the tank and remove the fuel pump to do a visual inspection.

    You said that you already replaced the delivery tube. I would think that the flap would be attached to that but I'm not really sure of the mechanics of it.

    Several owners of cars similar to mine said they stuck a wire coat hanger down the tube to hold the flap open when they filled up. Others said that if you ram the coat hanger down the tube several times it would break the flap off. Not sure if that's such a good idea.

  • jim314 04/04/08 11:25 am PST

    Some gas pumps have a spring loaded shroud which is designed to seal around the vehicle filler tube to prevent the escape of hydrocarbon vapor, and there is a cutoff switch connected to this shroud. I have found that I have to really press the fuel filler handle hard to the vehicle filler tube and at the correct angle to keep the pump from auto shutoff. In one car of ours (Volvo V70) this pushed the vehicle filler tube out the bottom of the rubber collar which holds it and prevented filling until I pushed or pulled the filler tube back through the rubber collar.

  • scradd 06/25/08 1:27 pm PST

    I have the identical unresolved problem. I also replaced the filler tube.

    It did not resolve.

    Then a week later it fixed itself....for one fill up.

    Now it is back to 1,6 gallons before the gas pump shuts off as if it were full.

    Mechanic does not know what is causing it.

    Sorry no help ....but you are not alone....I hope that we can get some help.

  • carolinawildmn 11/17/12 5:56 pm PST

    I also have a 2001 Chrysler T & C that has the exact same problem. It takes 10 minutes to put 5 gals. of gas in the tank!!!! The filler tube continually fills up like the tank is full. I removed the filler tube assembly and could run a 3/8" inch air hose through it. So, I don't think the fill tube aqssembly is the problem. I can stick an 8" screwdriver all the way into the neck/pipe (attached to the fuel tank) the the fill pipe assembly attaches to.??? I can't stick the 3/8" air hose through the neck/pipe (attached to the fuel tank). I have read and I have been told that there is a baffle (ball type) and/or a flap that could be causing the problem. I did notice that the small round disc (the unleaded gas restrictor thing???) the the gas fill nozzle would normally go through under normal fueling conditions is missing.??? I thought perhaps the little disc may have lodge in the fill tube or the ? flap/baffle.??? I guess I'll take the gas tank off so I can handle/manipulate easier for further inspection. If anyone has the answer and save me a little time give me a shout back. Thanks!!!!


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