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  • canddmeyer 03/13/08 8:05 pm PST

    It must be pretty good. I live near a intersection with a gas station on each corner, and the ARCO always has longer lines than the Chevron, Shell, and Citgo combined, even at midnight. I've used it and never had an issue, and obviously many other people use it mostly because it is the least expensive per gallon. It's not a 'top tier' gas, but I've run 'top tier' and still had fuel injector issues (thanks GM).

  • simpilot1 03/14/08 4:47 am PST

    ARCO is simply a retail brand name as are all the others. The retailer pays the owner of the brand a fee for using the brand name which in part covers the cost of advertising to make the consumer think that brand is better than the others. But, almost all of the gasoline in a locality comes from the exact same refinery and storage tanks. In a nutshell all gasoline in an area is the same. There may be some differences in the additives put into the gasoline when it is in the delivery truck but those differences are in my opinion trivial.

  • tallman1 03/15/08 12:04 am PST

    I put Arco gas in my 95 Accord for many years (then i switched when Costco started selling gas a few years ago). Some may cringe but my son is driving it now with over 220k miles.


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