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  • texases 01/17/12 10:54 pm PST

    No. I've seen nothing that indicates new cars from Japan have been found to have any abnormal radiation levels. Know that you're exposed to radiation daily, from the dirt, air, the cosmic rays, medical xrays, and much more if you take an airplane for a trip. And that has no significant effect. So when you say 'any amount of radiation levels', well yes, they have the same amount of radiation levels as cars from other areas, which is nothing to worry about.

    The only mention of this is about USED cars shipped from Japan. I would have no worry about a new car, nor are used Japanese cars shipped to the US (they don't meet our regs, steering wheel on the wrong side, etc.).


  • rpaul3 01/17/12 11:50 pm PST

    Japan is testing export vehicles and some countries are also testing imported vehicles from Japan. I personally am not too concerned about radiation from Japanese cars The fact is Japanese steel industry depends entirely on imports for iron ore and coal, the main steel making raw materials and Japan is dependent raw material imports for most of what it produces. If you are concerned about radiation I recommend that you become informed and research safe radiation levels because radiation is everywhere all the time.

    The important concern should be food, dairy and other products derived from potentially radioactive soil in Japan.


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