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  • morin2 10/05/10 10:09 pm PST

    E85 returns such poor fuel economy that it would defeat the purpose to make a hybrid E85 vehicle. In addition, it is the least "green" fuel you can buy. Since ethanol is made from corn and corn requires high fertilization, the excess nutrient run-off over-enriches waterways like the Gulf and Chesapeake Bay, leading to dead zones of no dissolved oxygen.

    You cannot import any E100 vehicle from Brazil.

    We have flex-fuel vehicles at work, but only use E85 if the E10 tank is out.

    Hybrid low sulfur diesels would be about the most fuel efficient hybrids - if they were available in the US.

    Ethanol is a bad deal for the environment and for taxpayers who subsidize the producers about 70 cents a gallon.


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