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  • fatmando 08/18/08 8:58 pm PST

    how many miles are on your vehicle? There is a chance you are still under factory warranty...

    ''The federal government requires two other warranties. The Exhaust Emission Warranty covers corrosion-related parts for 2 years/24,000 miles, plus 8 years/80,000 miles on the catalytic converter and any on-board diagnostic device.''

    Source: Lincoln Warranty Guide 2001 LS

  • joelle 08/18/08 9:34 pm PST

    it has 117,000 miles on it ! so its in need of some tuning i believe

  • obyone 08/19/08 3:09 am PST

    There are no legal ways of temporarily fixing a cat. The only way is to remove it and physically unclog it (which is illegal).

  • jettek2002 10/25/08 3:27 am PST

    You do another option; go to this website:http://www.jcwhitney.com & lookup item # ZX132785P. It's a catalytic converter cleaner. Pour it into your gas tank & it'll do the rest. It works too. Depending on how bad your cat is, you may have to use both cans,though not at one tme. You get 2 cans for $12.

  • elars34 11/14/08 10:11 am PST

    I sort of have the same problem as you do, but many more to go along with it. I replaced my catalytic converters and it did not help the problem. Make sure you know thats the prob before fixing it... $400 is alot to spend.

  • tjc803 01/16/11 6:47 pm PST

    Okay there is a temporary fix that will partially correct this issue but it is illegal. It is only meant to be a diagnostic correction to determine if the problem lies within the catalytic converter.

    Your car should have several o2 sensors along the exhaust that look like a sparkplug. one is most likely by the exhaust headers and 1 maybe 2 more along the exhaust pipe. When a cat gets clogged the mechanical issues are caused by the reduced flow through the catalytic converter thus increasing the back pressure into the engine. So to temporarly correct this issue we remove a Pre cat o2 sensor(any o2 sensor before the catalytic converter) if this partially or completely corrects the issues then the problem is the catalytic converter and you will have to have a licensed shop do these repairs for you for it to be legal. It is recommended to put the o2 sensor back into the exhaust after making the correct diagnosis due to federal emissions laws and possibility of running a rich air/fuel ratio due to incorrect 02 sensor readings.

  • phonosapien 11/22/13 9:10 am PST

    *First of all, it needs to still pass inspection.
    * The O2 sensor needs to operate properly.
    * Anyone with a drill and screwdriver can repair a clogged cat.

    The problem with a clogged catalytic converter is the core came loose and is rattling around inside the cat.
    What happens is the loose core finds its way to the down stream side of the exhaust and stops it up. just like a check valve.
    The faster you try to go the more back pressure and the more seated the core is on the exaust pipe causing a hissing sound, loss of horse power and bad fuel mileage.

    Now here’s the sweet fix,
    Near the down stream side of the Cat where the cat tapers down into the exhaust pipe drill a 1/8th inch hole.
    Take a #14 X 3" pan head self tapping sheet metal screw use a faucet washer under the scrue head as a washer.
    Screw the screw into the 1/8th hole; make sure the screw is inserted at an angle across the opening of the Cat. exhaust exit.
    the faucet washer will seal the head of the screw like a boiler plug.
    the screw if installed properly will stop the check valve effect and pin the core off to one side of the cat and stop the rattling.
    i used this method on my car and it has run great and passed the last three years inspection.
    Try it you'll like it better than springing for a new Cat!


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