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  • ewilfong 01/22/08 12:27 pm PST

    Assuming you didn't get unlucky and buy a dud for a battery, my first thought is that the alternator is not sufficiently charging the battery while she's driving around. I know there are various issues that can go wrong regarding alternators, but I'm already at the limit of my knowledge.

    Electrical problems can be hard to track down, and you may need a mechanic to do some testing. As some Audis are known for having electrical problems, I'd find a mechanic specializing specifically in Audis or at least in German cars.

  • patrick88 06/25/08 10:48 pm PST

    Is this the same 2002 A4 question asked by her in another post (same day)?
    Check her post if so to see the answer.
    (a) Check the charging system (i.e alternator, battery and wiring) by doing a voltage drain test on the circuit to see what is cause the drain (to see if there is any parasitic drain present)
    (b) Have load test done on the complete circuit
    (c) visually and manually check all connections for loosness, condition, and proper grounds. And check alternator drive belt for tightness and servicablity.
    Let us know what the out come was.

  • bullit6 02/26/10 9:46 am PST

    i have the same problem, A4.. all the above are perfect but i heard from the shop i got my battery that it could be my central locking system :/


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