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  • fordfan_17 05/12/08 8:39 am PST

    thr adjusting the tv cable (commonly called the passing gear cable) on the side of the carb its black in color and the cable mounts behind the carb thru a small bracket hole. on the backside of the bracket you will find a push button or slide release depress the release and push the detent cable as far back toward the firewall as it will travel, then get in the truck (WITH MOTOR OFF) push the accelerator pedal all the way to the floor 1 time hard and you should hear/feel the detent cable set itself. this should get you close with shift points and passing gear. if finer tuning is needed move the cable manually 1 notch at a time till you get the desired result

  • sandman235 05/13/08 5:01 am PST

    Ronnie, headers and a new exhaust should not affect the shift points or cable adjustment. Try disconnecting the cable at the carburator and pull on the cable to make sure it is free, you should be able to feel the cable pull against the detent valve lever and spring back. My thought is that you might have melted the cable with the header? If it is free then lengthen the cable a slight amount. Mark or measure the cable where it comes out of the adjustment block, relase it by prying up on the adjustment clip or depressing the adjustment button, and then move the inner cable TOWARD the carburator a quarter inch or so, This should lower the kickdown points, but make sure the cable is free first. Thanks for your question.


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