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  • micosilver 03/05/08 1:40 pm PST

    If you think you are going to upgrade in a few years - just lease a new one. You will have the saem payment, warranty and free maintainance. If you know that you will keep your car for at least 5 years - get a certified with a LOT of warranty left. All years were good, these cars are always solid, you just need to get as much warranty as you can, so the newer - the better, and low mileage.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 12/07/08 11:21 am PST

    My rule with a used BMW is:

    newest year is the best one to buy

    purchase only with a warranty

    lowest miles possible

  • silentspeed3 12/07/08 6:51 pm PST

    They are all great years but the main thing is that you need to worry about is where you would get it from. Go to any certified place and get it not joe blows auto sale and make sure you get a warranty bumper to bumper with that car thay are a money pit when they do go south. To save almost a grand go to your bank and get the warranty or the place on tv that advertises there they are rep company

  • beemerbaby 12/23/08 11:19 am PST

    According to Consumer Reports Buyers Guide, the 2005 3 series are reliable vehicles. However, to get features like Bluetooth and MP3, they were first available on the 2006 model.

    I just purchased a 2006 325Ci convertible with sport package, premium package, and navigation for $30K. It's a CPO vehicle with 19K miles. As you probably know, that means I have two years of factory warranty which includes all the maintenance. On top of that, I have two more years of CPO warranty (6 years or 100,000 miles. At the dealership, I was offered maintenance to cover that last two years for about $2000. Given the cost of BMW maintenance, it's probably a good move. I have read in other forums that you should only buy these extended maintenance contracts from the vehicle manufacturer.

    You can have an iPod adapter installed on the 2006. I've searched for one on the web, but so far haven't found any alternatives to a BMW dealership. To integrate it with navigation is $845 installed. Without navigation, it's $383. Those prices came from the BMW USA web site (www.bmwusa.com), which provides links to my local dealership so I can get the costs for my area.

    You can also search for CPO vehicles on that site. That's how I found mine. I live in San Diego, but I found the car at a dealership in the Bay area.

    I test drove the 2007 328i convertible, but didn't feel it was worth the $7K difference. My two year old vehicle is like new, and I'm completely satisfied with it.


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