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  • texases 04/24/12 1:13 pm PST

    Use the tachometer, not the speedometer, to shift. When not in a hurry I would shift around 3000-3500 rpm, when 'pushing it' you can shift at higher rpms, as long as you're below 'red line' (and, hopefully, the speed limit). What is red line in your car? If all of this doesn't make sense, find a friend or acquaintance who drives a stick and have them go with you on a drive.

    Do remember not to shift too soon, 'lugging' the engine is bad for it. That when you're at a low rpm (say, 1500), and when you push on the gas the car jerks or fails to respond.

  • morin2 04/24/12 8:49 pm PST

    As texases said, use the tachometer to start. You'll soon know by sound and feel when to upshift. Use your tach for downshifting as well. I don't like to go lower than 2000-2200 rpm when decelerating. When the tach reaches that level upon deceleration, its time to downshift to keep the engine in a happy rpm range. You'll also get some sense of speed just by the rpms in gear.

    Enjoy your driving machine!


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