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  • obyone 09/02/08 9:53 pm PST

    Where I live 2wd is sufficient. Now with snow on the roads a rwd vehicle is the worst followed by a FWD vehicle which is a little better followed by AWD which is substantially better. Some say with some skill a rwd vehicle isn't so bad in the snow. Only you can be the judge on that. Did you try test driving both?

    And of the 2 to 3 times a year you'll be driving in the snow it only takes once losing control to end up in a ditch. That's not to say you can't do the same with AWD just that it gives you a little more traction which may make a difference.

  • subearu 09/02/08 10:33 pm PST

    I'd go with the RWD version and opt for a set of dedicated snow tires and decent rims instead. You can find plenty of snow tires that are dry pavement worthy too, so you don't have to worry about swapping 'em on/off every time it snows.


  • energetik9 09/08/08 3:02 pm PST

    I think this is one of those items that falls under personal preference. The xi is more, however, some prefer an all wheel drive system. There are some improved handling and safety considerations, in addition to some additional weight and a small sacrifice in fuel economy. Remember that xi would apply to more than just snow. Personally, I plan to order a xi system for the weather and handling reasons, but I do live in a place where weather is a concern.


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