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  • MrShift@Edmunds 12/27/09 11:55 am PST

    No drains in the floor, no. What you have to do is figure out the point of entry.

    Couple of possibilities.

    Here's one TSB on water leaks:

    No.: TSB-04-55-008
    DATE: September, 2004
    MODEL: See below SUBJECT:
    BLOWER MOTOR HOUSING FILTER This TSB supercedes TSB-03-55-008REV, to update the affected vehicles and warranty information. New information is indicated by a shaded triangle or an arrow.
    Debris (such as leaves, etc.) entering the front cowl area may clog the evaporator housing drain tube. If this occurs, the evaporator housing may fill up with condensation and overflow into the passenger compartment, and into the blower motor through the cooling tube. To eliminate this condition, clean the debris from the tube and the case, then install a blower motor housing filter as described in this bulletin.
    On Lancer models produced before 9/25/02, also install special wiper pivot caps onto the wiper pivot shafts as described in TSB-03-51-001.
    --> Refer to TSB-04-55-007 for Endeavor and 2004 Galant repair procedures for HVAC drain blockage.
    2002-2003 Lancer
    2003 Outlander
    2000-2004 Eclipse, Eclipse Spyder
    1999-2003 Galant PROCEDURE

    1. Confirm proper blower motor operation.
    2. Clean debris from the evaporator housing drain tube and evaporator case.
    3. On Eclipse, Eclipse Spyder and 1999-2003 Galant models only: Refer to TSB-01-55-002 for filter installation procedures.
    4. Remove the glove box lid.
    5. Install a blower motor housing filter (listed in the PARTS INFORMATION section of this bulletin) a follows:
    a. Use a knife to cut a section from the top of the blower motor housing
    b. Install the filter with the arrow pointing up

    (all parts available from Mitsubishi, filter part # MR500360)

    Here's another possibility you can show to your Mitsu dealer:

    NO.: TSB-02-42A-008REV
    DATE: July, 2002
    MODEL: 2000-03 Eclipse Subject:
    DOOR WINDOW ALIGNMENT This bulletin supersedes TSB-02-42A-008. Revised information is indicated by -->.
    On some affected vehicles, the door window glass may be out of alignment (too high), causing increased door closing effort, wind noise, and possible water leakage. This bulletin describes how to add a special washer to the door window upstops to prevent this condition.


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