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  • isellhondas 01/09/10 9:11 pm PST

    I guess it doesn't matter now because the damage has been done and you have paid the bill. Where did you find this hack? Craigslist?

    For one thing usually only the lower ball joints on a car like that will wear out because they carry the load. The uppers just turn.

    I would take it to a dealer or a QUALITY Alignment Shop to make sure nothing else is butchered and to make sure it's in alignment. When you mentioned "custom fitting" a ball joint, that scares me. Ball joints don't "custom fit"!

    That shop would be able to answer the question regarding pricing.

  • Stever@Edmunds 01/10/10 12:52 am PST

    There's always backcharging your credit card or small claims court or the BBB or filing a complaint with the local consumer protection agency.

    The question was how much should it have cost.

    Visiting an alignment shop is a good idea. They can check the work and tell you what they would have charged.



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