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  • scanman1 02/22/11 7:48 am PST

    You will need a test light to start off. Disconnect one of the battery cables from the battery, put the test light in-line or between the batt post and battery cable. If there is a draw the test light should glowing brite. If the light is barely on (dim) that would be a normal dram computer memory, clock, radio etc, etc. Some vehicles take any where from 5 minutes to 30 minutes for the vehicle to go into sleep mode. Disable interior light system by pulling that fuse, you will need to have door open to gain access to the fuse panel under dash. Turn everything off in your vehicle including removing the key. Sitting in the vehicle looking thru the bottom of hood make sure you can see the test light. At this time you should have the interior light fuse dissconnected, and the door closed. If the test light is still glowing your draw is still there. remove fuses one at a time uintil test lite turns off, reinstall fuse each time. do this at all fuse panels, some vehiclesw have more than one fuse panel. If the test lite goes out you have found the circuit that is pullinjg your battery down, but it depends on that particular circuit, if its normal or not. Removing that particular fuse will get you by until can afford to have a qualified elctrical tech repair your vehicle. Good luck Scanman


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