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  • cardav 01/11/08 10:23 am PST

    Vavoline has a good additive, I can't think of the exact name but it's the same one there oil change centers use.Whatever you do stay away from the super thick (honey style)additives though especially if you live where it's cold.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 01/11/08 11:49 am PST

    Be very careful what you put in your transmission.

    here's some decent advice on the subject:


  • jipster 01/11/08 11:51 am PST

    Without a doubt...Lubegard is suppose to be the best. Several long discussions about it on another car site. Mechanics and consumers swear by it. Protects and offers smoother shifting. I think you would want Lubegard Red. Google it.


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