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  • texases 01/23/13 4:56 pm PST

    It could be a blown head gasket. Is only one bank of cylinders affected?

  • billplano2 01/24/13 5:57 pm PST

    Dealer determined today that one of the values is bent. They are attributing to using gas with too much sulphur. I buy 75% of my gas at Costco and use 93 octane. I have had 3 other Acuras and presently have 2011 MDX and buy and have bought majority of my gas at Costco. Dealer indicates buying gas at Costco, Walmart, etc.. is culprit to this problem. I beg to differ with them.

  • texases 01/24/13 6:09 pm PST

    Wow, sounds like 100% BS to me. Ask them for written proof, from an authoritative source.


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