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  • viktorwi 09/28/09 3:42 pm PST

    you replacing abs unit ?or replace brake line? you shouldnt have any problems to bleed sistem old way with 2 ppl, one pumping pedal other openin closins bleeder screw,I am a little confused with your question.

  • xsys2001 09/28/09 4:12 pm PST

    Replace calipers, wheel cylinders and master cylinder. Now one of the lines has little pressure in it and when bleed little fluid is flowing through. Tried bleeding with 2-person methon and using mityvac. Dealer service dept said possible that there is air in the ABS pressure modulator and that the system will need to be pressure bled (with power bleeder) from the resivouir down to get the air completely out.

  • rickmn 10/21/09 12:06 am PST

    If you replaced the master cylinder it cannot be bled while on the vehicle. It must be bled while on the bench and sitting level.

    If there's air in the ABS, you can try reverse pressure bleeding where you inject brake fluid into the bleeder screw. Or you can attach a scan tool and command a bleed procedure.

    This article describes how to do a reverse pressure bleed

    Bleed an ABS brake system



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