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  • murphypb 03/21/08 11:59 am PST

    problems have also been reported with the Bose system in the Infinit G35 as well. May be something with the Bose system itself. Consumer Reports annual car review issue reported problems with the Bose system in the G35 last year, confirming the problems I was having. On my Bose system, the disc would freeze and stop playing and did not recognize discs either. Infiniti replaced my system. Check to see what type of warranty there may be on your system.

    Good luck.

  • Stever@Edmunds 03/21/08 1:47 pm PST

    Disconnecting the battery was a good try - that often fixes stuck CDs in single disc players. If you can find the fuse, you may want to pull it for a minute (and check it) to see if that helps reset the changer. Otherwise, I'm afraid you're going to have to pull the unit to remove your discs and you may want to simply upgrade the system with an aftermarket unit at that point. There are some other tips in the Stuck CD discussion on the Edmunds Forums.


  • ksrohde 03/21/08 2:45 pm PST

    Checked the fuses for the radio under the hood...but the thing is, if it was a fuse, it would be completely dead. It's come back from the dead already, so I don't think it's a fuse issue...is there a seperate fuse for the changer? The light for cd's on the display flashes, which makes me think that the player is fubar. Thanks for the tips! Really appreciate it!

  • obyone 11/12/12 6:39 am PST

    After 9 years in an hostile environment equipment fails. Try checking ebay and craigslist for a replacement.


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