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  • bepperb 02/01/08 11:28 am PST

    There will be an air temperature gauge somewhere in the intake tract. Without having a Regal myself I can't tell you where it is, but it may be in need of a replacement. There's no moving parts, so that's surprising. The way these sensors work, is that as temperature goes up, resistance goes down, so perhaps there is a short somewhere that is also causing this.

    I'd hate to rig something up, but as a last ditch effort you could wire in a 5k resistor, or a pot, to make the engine think the temperature is "normal". Many people do this to trick the engine into thinking the air is cooler and get a richer mixture (this is all over ebay). Wouldn't be my advice, but it's an option.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 02/01/08 1:08 pm PST

    Yep, goofy sensor I would think.

  • kiawah 02/01/08 1:11 pm PST

    just verify that the air intake to the airfilter is connected correctly. Could be that something has come off, and you sucking heated air from the engine compartment.

  • txmilew 02/28/10 10:06 pm PST

    Hope this might Help.I replaced mine it was kind a hard locating it is a brass part with a electric plug on, located under some black hose right side by manifold. Mine that I replaced turned green it was hard to get too would of been easier to take thermostat out and remove radiator hose connected to the thermostat, jut to get a better angle on it. This was on a 2000 Regal LS but allot of parts are the same good luck, from TXmilew
    I've had to work on my own auto shops ripped me in the past big time. I am 59 Years young

    Source: TXmilew own a 2000 Regal Buick LS


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