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  • Stever@Edmunds 01/20/13 9:49 am PST

    The explanation sort of makes sense, or maybe someone took it off for better visibility on a road test, but it might be smarter for the dealer to get another sticker from Nissan or find the existing one and pull the Cube off the lot until that time.

    Per Wikipedia, the dealer could be subject to a fine and jail time if the Monroney sticker is missing. Only the consumer is supposed to remove it. Maybe the dealer was shocked that someone may call them on it?

    I suppose you could make getting the sticker part of the deal (a "we owe" agreement). You do have to wonder if the dealer is running some kind of scam or just a loosely run store that can't keep up with the paperwork. Was the Cube sold to someone else and the deal was unwound before (or after?) the title went through? Was it used as a loaner or demo and then put back on the lot? Or was the Monroney simply stashed in the glovebox and got accidentally tossed?

  • morin2 01/20/13 11:01 am PST

    Strange. Every new car I've ever bought has been handled in the same way. Once I've reached an agreement, it goes into the shop to be prepped. I ask for the sticker to be taken off carefully because I aways save the sticker. It has never been a problem. I believe the dealer can easily get a new window sticker by just entering the VIN in-house. Yes, I'd be concerned that it might be a used vehicle and the original sticker went with the original owner. Even a demo should come with the factory sticker.

  • knowledgepower 01/21/13 11:46 am PST

    Let's not overthink this thing, if it's was a demo you'll get a Monroney label just ask for it. One of the managers can order a new label and it'll take a few days to get it. NO dealer is stupid enough to sell you a used vehicle represented as new because they must disclose it to the financial institution and the penalties aren't worth it.


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