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  • avatar docj 04/21/10 4:56 pm PST

    Mode Door Actuator

    Should store a code in the HVAC module.

    Doc J


  • docj 04/21/10 4:56 pm PST

    Mode Door Actuator

    Should store a code in the HVAC module.

    Doc J

  • cadi_sick 04/21/10 5:14 pm PST

    Thank you doc j, I finally figured out how to perform my onboard diagnosis on my 2000 Cadi Deville

    So here are the CURRENT CODES that were retrieved by doing this....

    RIM=C0660=Level Control Exhaust Valve Circuit MalfunctionI

    IPM=B0423=Air Mix Door #2 Inoperative Error
    B0429=Temperature Control #3 Rear Circuit Range/Performance
    B0249=Heater/Defrost/AC Door Range Error

    Now that I have these codes, I am aware that I have more issues then just my air not blowing out of my vents, but to solve one problem at a time due to the fact that I live in Texas and it's starting to get really hot....Which one of these codes is directing me to this issue...

    Air comes on but does not blow out of center vents, only on floor and defrost vents
    Clicking noise behind the radio that last for about 10-15 seconds and then stops
    Cool air on driver side, no cold air on passenger side


  • maxrayruss 08/05/11 9:04 am PST

    I have a 2000 DTS and experienced the same problem with air registers working incorrectly and the clicking noise that sounds like it is coming from behind the radio. What you hear is your actuator. There are plastic gears inside the actuator that works as a transmission. A tooth has striped off or worn down and when the other pinion gear rolls over the wheel with the missing tooth it gets stuck and cant travel to the next tooth on the gear wheel. Solution: Order you an Air Mixer Actuator online from www.rockautoparts.com. It will cost you half the price at Cadillac parts department. If you are willing to tackle the challenge you can do as I did. Disconnect the battery and wait for 10 to 15 minutes for disabling the Air Bag. You will need to lay flat on your back with your legs where the front seat is. Remove your drivers seat from your car being careful by getting help because it is more than enough for one person to deal with the bulk and weight and you could scratch your threshhold panels and your paint on the outside. Remove the bottom back seat also. You will need to lay flat and comfortable. Remove the lower dash panel and the one behind it and lay it in a safe place. Remove the 2 electrical connections noting where they belong. You will need a small telescopic mirror, small flashlight, a telescopic magnet for getting the small screws after removing them. I lost one and had to rob one from the old actuator because they are not screws you can easily get. There are 3 as I recall one at the top toward the front that you can't see unless you remove the duct. I cut my duct off with a hacksaw blade at a place where I could reconnect it later. This gave me access to the actuator. After finally removing all the small screws using a 1/4 inch drive rachet, a universal with long and short extensions and millimeter sockets. Magnitise them if possible. It would make it easier re-installing the screws and help retainng them on removal. Remove the actuator being careful to note where the levers on the back side go and replace them in the new actuator the same way. Try not drop them on removal. Use grease that is compatible with the lubricant on the actuator channels where they travel and slide. This will make them stay in place so you can get them back as they were. This is important in making the system work properly and guarantee you wont have to do it over. After replacing the actuator you will now need to reconnect the duct you sawed off with hacksaw blade. I used light weight aluminum and rolled it to fit inside as a sleeve. Using a sealer that will setup may be helpful. Slide both parts together and use gorrilla duct tape to go around the duct to seal it off. Replace the electrical connections. Replace the panels. note: I had to repair the panel clips because I had some plastic retainers break leaving the metal clips in the retaining holes. I cut and bended some small pieces of embossed aluminum and JB Weld Epoxy to rebuild them avoiding going to Cadillac and buying a new dash panel. Replace your seat carefully because it is a job for at least 2 persons. Reconnect your seat bolts and you should be good to go.


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