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  • Stever@Edmunds 12/27/09 4:35 pm PST

    Gates.com keeps a list of interference engines.

  • screwedbygm 12/28/09 7:41 am PST

    That's for sure. Bent valves are more of a virtual certainty than a mere possiblity. Youre probably looking at a complete cylinder head rebuild, plus timing belts, pulleys, tensioner, etc.

  • tonton0600 12/29/09 1:59 am PST

    Most 3000GT's come with a DOHC engine. They are interference engines. I just bought one a week ago with a bunch of bent valves. However, in 1997 and up the base model was introduced with a SOHC with less compression and I think they're not interference style.


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