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  • zolecki 11/06/08 1:09 pm PST

    Just remove the fuse.

  • zoomzoomdlr 11/06/08 1:14 pm PST

    Do you mind looking at the ABS light on the guage display?? If not, then one of two routes, either take the other guys advice and pull the fuse, but look in the owners manual and make sure that would be the only thing routed through that fuse. In theory, if you disconnected the sensors, the system should take it as a faulty/inop sensor and bypass the abs function and turn on the light on your dash. I say should because anytime you talk about brakes, airbags, or anything else safety related - liability and risks must be considered. I would advise you to replace the sensor rather than disconnect it, but that's your call to make; not mine.

  • zolecki 11/06/08 1:53 pm PST

    I completly agree with what he said, you do need to think about the safety aspect of not having ABS ( if you are in an accident and they realize that you disconnected the ABS, insurance can claim the accident was your fault and not cover any of the costs ).

  • muddreamer 11/06/08 7:43 pm PST

    I pulled the fuse on the ABS and the brakes don't lock up any longer so I'm just going to leave it that way...I've never been a big fan of ABS to begin with :-b


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