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  • 0patience 07/15/10 7:56 pm PST

    Yes, you can physically replace the ECM yourself, but the vehicle probably wouldn't even start.
    The ECM has to be programmed with the vehicle's original VIN and mileage.

    Sorry, but you'll have to have a dealer do it, if it is a new ECM.

    As for a used one.
    It is possible that you could get a used one and the vehicle might operate, but you would still need to have a dealer reprogram it and you would want them to install it, so that there wouldn't be any hassle about setting the mileage to what your vehicle has now.

    That being said, there are some ECM rebuilding places that might be able to send you a programmed ECM using your VIN and current mileage information. Be prepared to pay in the neighborhood of $600+ for one though.

  • wpcote 10/12/10 3:32 pm PST

    Thank YOU! for that information. I have some confusion, however, as to actually WHERE the part is located. My mechanic first told me the part was on the firewall... now he is saying that the part I need is on the engine itself ( left side) and has 1 plug... Can I install THIS myself and sdo I also need to have it programmed for my truck???


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