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  • simpilot1 01/31/08 4:57 am PST

    Assuming your vehicle had a manual as a factory option it generally is a simple swap using a new, rebuilt, or salvaged transmission. The hardest part will probably be installing the clutch pedal and linkage but if it was a factory option it still should be a straightforward bolt in. If it was not factory option there may be kits available depending on which vehicle you have. It is also possible to have an installation custom made but that can get really expensive. Just Google "automatic manual transmission swap". You'll get hundreds of hits, possibly even directions for your vehicle.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 02/01/08 3:36 pm PST

    It's much easier when a manual transmission was offered as an option on your car. If it wasn't offered as an option, you can do it, but it will require a lot more homework, some special conversion kits, or perhaps actual modifications, fabrications and welding.

    Also keep in mind that automatics and manuals use different differential ratios. So you could end up not getting the extra power you thought you might, if that's your goal.

  • paisan 04/11/08 8:14 pm PST

    Also be sure to note that if it's an AWD or RWD car you will likely need a different drive shaft as well since the drive shafts on ATs are usually shorter than on MTs. On AWD cars the differential in the MT may be different (and may be inside the trans case) and then you'd need to match the rear diffy with it.


  • nobody4 06/20/09 9:28 pm PST

    there are a lot of aftermarket trannys,go to year one,jegs,and anyother performance sites and you will have a choise of what you are looking for,there will be a lot of mods that will have to be done unless the car you want to install this in also comes with a manual trans as an option,then you will be able to get all the acc. and hrdwre you need from a salvage yard for the change over,you night even get the transmission there to,remember nothing is impossible its all in your imaagginenaaaation (spongebob squarepants) thats what makes a car guy a car guy


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