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  • MrShift@Edmunds 09/20/11 2:05 pm PST

    Unlesss the automaker or dealer has some publicized test period, then no, you can't return it, since you signed a contract.

  • Stever@Edmunds 09/20/11 2:06 pm PST

    No, not unless you negotiated some sort of right of return in your contract when you bought the car.

    Here's some general "cooling off" info collected from the Edmunds Forums"

    Door to Door Sales - There are cooling off periods for most door-to-door sales per federal and state laws. So if someone knocks on your door and sells you a vacuum cleaner, you generally can rescind that purchase within (typically) three days by giving the seller proper notice. If you contact the dealer for an internet quote, buy the car online and have it delivered to your driveway, you probably can't rescind the purchase (this is different from a salesperson showing up at your door trying to sell you something).

    Federal Law/FTC Info
    - For federal information on cooling off periods see these websites:

    Consumer Action Website

    The Cooling-Off Rule: When and How to Cancel a Sale

    California Used Car Purchases
    - In California, a used car buyer may obtain a two-day sales contract cancellation option. Fees and restrictions apply - see California's DMV site.

    New Jersey Car Leasing
    - In New Jersey, if you lease a car, you have a one-day cooling off period to give you time to review the unsigned lease terms. New Jersey Consumer Affairs

    Unwinding Deals - There are situations where a deal may be unwound. The dealer may not be able to obtain financing for you after you drive a car home and the dealer (not you) may unwind the deal. You may also have lemon law or warranty rights, or you may be able to claim dealer fraud. See Unwinding the Deal - What Are Your Rights? at Edmunds for more information.

  • knowledgepower 09/20/11 3:26 pm PST

    The one way is to contact the dealer to see if they agree to void the deal and allow you to bring back your vehicle, while that is going on contact the bank that approved your loan to see if they paid the dealer. If they paid the dealer then the deal has been cashed in and you have no recourse, as it has been posted there is no cooling off period because you solicited the dealer by walking in and buying a vehicle. If they were to bring the vehicle to your house and sign you up there then by law you have 3 days to change your mind. Even though you haven't received title and registration paperwork that can take up to 30 days because paperwork gets backed up sometimes.

  • Stever@Edmunds 09/20/11 3:42 pm PST

    I don't think the cooling off period works if you have the dealer deliver the car to your door. The dealer didn't come around to your house like a vacuum cleaner salesperson. The home delivery is just a service to you, even if you did everything online and never set foot in the dealership.

    For a while there, if you purchased a car at a tent sale at your local fairgrounds, they dealer would make you go to the dealership to close the transaction. That's no longer true either, at least not in some states. The tent lot is simply considered an extension of the dealership. Illinois AG.

    Another problem with waiting 2 weeks to try to unwind a deal is that your trade-in may be long gone.



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