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  • madmanmoo 12/31/07 9:34 am PST


    You have a couple of different options. You can use an FM modulator or you can get an auxiliary jack installed. Check out Best Buy or Circuit City for both options. Those aren't the only two places to get those accessories. You have many different choices.

    Good luck!

  • sylvia 01/04/08 3:54 pm PST

    I've had good luck with the Belkin TuneBase FM. I live in a metro area and didn't think I would get a clear signal but did and it works great. It runs around $60.00

    The best thing is I can take this between cars.

    Source: http://www.belkin.com and http://www.amazon.com/Belkin-F8Z049-BLK

  • aznraptor 01/10/08 1:24 am PST

    In addition to the FM transmitter, you can also buy a new head unit with an aux input. Changing the head unit will also improve your sound quality because you can get a better quality amp in the head unit for your speakers. Well the regular speakers anyways.


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