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  • tony78 06/29/09 11:26 pm PST

    $ 350.00 is cheap.

    Go to the yellow pages,,look for an insurance broker,,

    see what the lowest rate you can get.

    The broker will need personal information,,,

    information that you should not post here,,

    and because you should not post that information here,,

    ,it would be impossible for us to help you get a cheaper rate.

    Information like:

    name,,,,address,,social security number,,,driver license number,,,,

  • morin2 06/29/09 11:26 pm PST

    Its best to be carried on your parent's auto insurance policy. If you have your own car, liability only will cost you somewhere between $1500-2000 per year for a male, 1000-1500 for a female, depending on where you live. There are places where insurance for a teenager is just unaffordable (NJ for example) Do not buy auto insurance by the month - there is an extra charge for such short payment intervals. Pay for a year or half-year in advance. Drive an older but safe car to minimize liability & carry the liability only. Make a deal with your parents - perhaps they will pay for all of it if you maintain all A's in school, or half of it for all A's & B's.

    Good luck and drive safely.


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