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  • MrShift@Edmunds 09/29/08 12:39 pm PST

    Not unless the axle completely sheared off, no. Did the axle break?

    You didn't mention vehicle, year, model, etc so not much else to tell you. But the axles are engaged through the transfer case so I don't think a CV joint could be your problem.

  • fishinggod 09/29/08 12:44 pm PST

    Thank you. It is a 91 GMC Sierra.
    A shop told me that if the CV Joint failed, the 4-wheel drive will not engage. That is why I asked.
    The axle is still intact, and the truck does not drive as if there is something wrong with the axle. The CV boot came loose about 1000 miles ago, and no problems yet. I am going to get it fixed soon though.


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