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  • thecardoc3 12/11/11 8:47 am PST

    The clutch doesn't have anything to do with the starters operation beyond the saftey switch that is on the pedal assembly. Are you getting a 12v crank signal to the starter when the clutch pedal is depressed and someone turns the key?

    There are two small terminals on the starter solenoid, did you attach the crank command wire to the correct terminal?

    As far as bleeding the clutch goes, these are not normally difficult, but due to orientation on some vehicles bleeding the system without it being attached can be really helpful b ecause that allows you to position the slave so that the bleeder screw is definitely at the top of the fluid chamber instead of potentially leaving an air pocket. If your not getting any fluid at all, then you have an issue with the clutch master cylider.


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