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  • poppopsimpala 05/31/08 9:06 am PST

    yes possibley if the torque converter and the pump where not lined up correctly and the tech jambed it all together and then installed it in place .it is possible that as the tech tightened the trans and the motor together it could have damaged the pump drive spline.NOT SAYING THAT IS WHAT HAPPENED THOU. I CAN NOT TELL THAT WOTHOUT SEEING THE DAMAGED PARTS

  • fordfan_17 06/01/08 9:13 am PST

    ok lets get this right now if the torque converter had been installed incorrectly the failure of the trans would have been IMMEDIATE not 1000 miles later. what it sounds like to me is that when you took the van to ford and they diagnosed it as a torque converter problem that maybe the damage was more extensive than just a failing torque converter and the end result reared its ugly face 1000 miles later. if you want to "blame " ford for this blame them for MIS-diagnosing your vehicle and maybe they will do the trans for free.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 06/01/08 10:54 am PST

    No, a torque converter that wasn't put in right would have self-destructed right away. If something happened 1000 miles later, it was due either to some other problem that might have been missed in the first place, or co-incidentally a new problem that came up.

    So based on what you said here, Ford isn't at fault unless you can show some other form of negligence, like not adding enough fluid, or not replacing all the bolts, etc.


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