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  • knowledgepower 05/27/10 10:54 am PST

    The Teamsters would probably not like it, the vehicles are loaded on rail cars straight from the factory. I don't know of any factory pick-up programs from domestic auto makers as compared to Saab and Volvo who would let you pick up your vehicle but first be taken on a tour of their facility before driving your new vehicle home the next day.

  • boomchek 05/27/10 2:55 pm PST

    No you cannot. You can't even buy it directly from the factory or the manufacturer. It has to be done through a dealer.

  • karjunkie 05/27/10 4:02 pm PST

    I just saw a program where the buyer picked up his new BMW Z4 at the US factory in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Unfortunately, BMW no longer manufactures the Z4 there, but ostensibly you can still pick up one of the SUVs built there. I also think Corvette buyers are allowed to pick up their cars at the Bowling Green Kentucky plant and tour the factory.


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