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  • karjunkie 08/30/10 1:15 pm PST

    Get a second opinion immediately. The rear suspension can easily be damaged in a collision and left unrepaired can be extremely dangerous to drive. It sounds to be that the mechanic did not do a good job. I would go to a body repair shop that specializes in collision repair. In the worst case scenario, the collision may have bent the frame of the car so badly that it cannot be properly repaired.

  • isellhondas 08/30/10 3:24 pm PST

    I agree. The shop botched the job.

    Acura struts rarely if ever fail and even if they did they wouldn't cause those symptoms.

    Sprayed it with WD 40?? What a joke!

    Take it to a shop that is qualified.

  • yoderman 08/30/10 8:09 pm PST

    I also agree. Definitely got gypped by the shop.

  • morin2 08/31/10 12:06 am PST

    Do not return to that shop - no credible shop will spray wd-40 to solve anything. The wd stands for "water displacement" and that is the intended purpose of the product - to displace water.

    If you were hit at high speed, much more than your muffler should have been replaced. Its more likely that the entire exhaust system should have been replaced. It doesn't take much of a rear impact to kink the exhaust at the front.

    You have a unibody vehicle with no frame. The alignment and suspension need to be checked right away by a qualified shop and you really should have the bodywork inspected by a reputable shop.


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