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  • zaken1 09/11/12 12:09 pm PST

    It looks like your question is not about trailer wheels; but is about trailer tires. The tire is the rubber doughnut shaped part that contacts the road and mounts on the wheel. The wheel is the metal disc shaped object that bolts to the axle.

    Trailer tires are intended for lighter weights and lower speeds than car tires. They are also not designed to handle the cornering loads created when tires are used on front wheels; where the wheels turn and tilt; nor the power they would have to handle if mounted on either front or rear driving wheels. This is why trailer tires cost less than car tires. Using trailer tires on a car would cause potential safety issues, and is NOT recommended for those reasons.

  • wanjiku 09/12/12 8:44 am PST

    Trailer tires are branded with the letters "ST", which stand for "Special Trailer Service." These model tires are compatible with the lower weights of car, boat, and utility trailers. The Tirerack website states that "ST-sized tires should never be used on cars, vans or light trucks."


  • MrShift@Edmunds 09/12/12 11:04 am PST

    Absolutely not unless you are just using it to move a car by hand from once parking place to another or perhaps to drive it or winch it onto a flatbed.


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