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  • 77civic 05/08/08 4:39 pm PST

    You can use lower octane if you like. The engine may get a accel or pinging noise because of it, but long term use won't really damage any componets. Your gas milage will also go down, so it's a toss up on how much you save now to how much the milage goes down. Try every 5th tank fill of 91 octane and see how that helps.


  • subearu 05/08/08 6:58 pm PST

    Pre-ignition or pinging during acceleration can damage the motor over time. The engine and computer were designed for 91 octane. It should be able to adjust the timing a bit to prevent spark knock. Whether it is enough depends on your driving style and fuel and ambient temp, etc.

    It may get by on 89 octane.

    The short: You probably shouldn't buy a vehicle that drinks super unleaded if you don't want to feed it super unleaded.



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