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  • knowledgepower 02/01/13 8:22 am PST

    This goofup doesn't surprise me, it can sometimes happen in a complicated deal and believe me these guys will figure it out if they don't already know. The problem is letting their egos deflate enough to admitting to a mistake. You no longer have a loan because it's paid off which ended that contract, my question is have you gotten anything in writing from your bank indicating zero balance on your alledged previous loan. The $600 charge is a gray area dealers have been getting away with for years, I'd contact your Secretary of State Office Consumer Affairs for that problem. On the back of the buyers order is a vague description of how you can be charged a fee but mileage on a spot delivered vehicle is questionable. I worked at a dealer that tried that crap and the State made the dealer pay the customer back the money because they signed nothing stating the renting of a vehicle or a mileage fee. I would wait for your bank first to acknowledge a payoff before meeting with the dealership General Manager or owner not some goofball Sales Manager trying to save his behind.


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