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  • alaskanj 04/04/10 7:33 pm PST

    2006 sounds a bit early to be changing the pump already, are you sure its just not low on fluid? These pumps do whine pretty loud when low on fluid... If it does need to be changed, you will need a pulley puller and installer tool all in one. Can get these at the parts store for cheap. Or check if they rent them.. From there its just a matter of out with the old and in with the new, remove serpentine belt, disconnect both PS hoses, be ready to catch PS fluid, unbolt pump and remove. With pump out of engine remove pulley and install on new pump according to tool instructions, bolt back on pump, hook up hoses, top off fluid, install serpentine belt and start the car, keep adding fluid as needed and move steering wheel all the way from left to right to burp out the air and top off fluid.... Job Complete!!!! Any snags or more questions come back and ask....



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