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  • MrShift@Edmunds 02/15/08 9:32 pm PST

    Have you had the codes read using a good scanning tool or computer?

    If there are no codes, the dealer might need to install a black box to read the codes before they are reset by the computer.

    Without codes, there's no way to know what's going on here. Could be a gazillion things (well okay, could be 25 things at any rate).

  • 0patience 02/15/08 9:44 pm PST

    Haven't a clue.
    Did you have it checked to see what the fault codes were?
    Autozone and other parts stores often will scan the vehicle for free.

    We would need those to even begin to try and figure out what could be the problem.

  • subearu 02/15/08 9:57 pm PST

    I'm just going to elaborate on the types of CEL and their meanings. Generally, a steady lit CEL indicates some sort of emission equipment fault. The gas cap is the easiest one to trigger this sort of CEL if you don't tighten it properly.

    A flashing CEL indicates an active engine misfire, at least one cylinder is not firing properly. You'll usually feel the rough engine during this, but not necessarily on larger motors.

    Typically, the CEL will go away on its own if the fault(s) that trigger the CEL are good again. This can take a few days or more, usually several full driving cycles.

    I'll concur with the others, you need to get the codes read to figure out why its on. It may be one code, it may be a few. But, until then, everyone would just be guessing.


  • szeliga 03/13/08 9:46 pm PST

    i would go to auto zone and have then read the computer. then based on the code you can determine the part needed for the repair, I would check the gas cap, if loose,will set engine light. the check engine light is for the emission system only.


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